Transform Your Walls with Our Premium Quality Printed Canvas Art

We are proud to offer our customers eco-friendly Giclée wall art canvas prints of superior quality that are shipped worldwide. Our prints are produced using premium canvas and UV-resistant ECO FRIENDLY pigment inks that ensure long-lasting, vibrant colors. We are so confident in the quality of our prints that we offer a 100+ year color guarantee.

Each custom stretched canvas is meticulously crafted by our experienced canvas framers. We start by producing a 12-color Giclée print from high-quality substrates, and then stretch the rolled canvas print over a wooden frame that is specifically designed to prevent unsightly impression marks and surface cracking. Our framing team then hand finishes each corner fold, ensuring a smooth and tight finish that adds to the overall aesthetic of the piece.

Our 38mm European knotless pine canvas frames are milled with a curved profile that minimizes contact with the face of the canvas, which helps prevent surface cracking and impression marks. We use finger-jointed canvas frames that create corner tension, making it more resistant to warping. For larger sizes, we add wooden „wedges” to each corner, which allows the canvas surface to remain taut and facilitates easy re-stretching in the future.

We take our eco-credentials seriously and strive to be as sustainable as possible. Our eco-canvas is made from sustainably sourced paper wood from sustainable forests. We use water-based inks in our printing process, which is kinder to the environment and produces less waste. Additionally, our local fulfillment options reduce carbon emissions, making us a more eco-friendly choice. Our canvas prints are vegan-friendly, containing no animal products.

We offer various types of canvas prints to suit all tastes and needs, including framed canvas, premium framed canvas, stretched canvas, premium stretched canvas, rolled canvas, and premium rolled canvas. Our canvases are 400gsm artist-grade cotton substrate, which consistently reproduces image details with outstanding clarity and detail. They are stretched onto a 38mm deep frame and stapled to the rear, ensuring that the canvas remains drum tight and does not become baggy or loose. They can also be easily placed directly onto a nail or hook, making them simple to hang and enjoy.



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